Sunset cruise (Airbnb Experience)

Join us on an excursion that is one of the most beautiful ways to see Hawaii. While paddling with us you'll experience the magic of a Hawaiian sunset from the ocean.  We will first paddle from the beach to Pua'ena point where you can see the entire North Shore coast line. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try catch some waves at the point. Then, we paddle under the historic Haleiwa Bridge, where one often sees turtles, and up the creek. The creek is exceptionally beautiful, with mountains as your background, there are so many vista's to take in. 
AirBnb Experience   AirBnb Experience
The actual paddle is not far, or strenuous and although we have very stable surfski's they do require a baseline of balance and minimal experience in order to really enjoy your paddle.
AirBnb Experience  AirBnb Experience
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