Surf ski paddling is one of the most wide-ranging, exciting, challenging, pleasurable paddle sports on the planet. Focusing on technique, paddling in flat water, or catching runners in a daunting downwind, we offer the ideal opportunity to exercise, while experiencing exciting, breath-taking, beautiful, new spaces.  

Epic Kayaks Hawaii offers diverse paddling options for all levels. Whether it’s your first time on a surf ski or you want to improve your technique to increase your speed or learn to paddle downwind, we have the ideal option just for you.

Learning to Paddle – A Question of Balance 

You’re never too old – or too young – to learn to paddle. We offer personalised 1-on-1 lessons or group training. This affords the opportunity to learn to paddle in one of our more stable surf skis, providing all the equipment you require. A great place to start, you then join more advanced classes as you gain confidence.

We offer classes in Hawaii Kai and on the North Shore. 



Refining Your Technique 

If you have been paddling for a while and want to refine your stroke to get the most out of your paddling, then this class is perfect for you. Paddling offers a full-body workout when you use the ideal stroke, as well as providing a great way to improve your core stability. In this class, you will examine your stroke with our instructors and learn how to maximise it. 



The Ultimate Downwind Paddling Experience 

There is a huge pleasure to be had out in the open ocean - using the raw power of the ocean and the wind to paddle - as one learns to ride the swells. Davey Brand’s years of ocean experience as a surfer, have helped him become a formidable, tactical, downwind paddler. Sharing his intimate knowledge of the ocean, while teaching people of all levels, to ride the swells, let Davey take you to the next level. Once you learn where to point your nose, riding the ocean becomes a breeze. 

Downwind offered on the famous Hawaii Kai also run on the North Shore. 


All equipment and logistics are included in the price. This paddle proceeds from one point of departure, with the wind, and ends at another.