Announcing Downwind Camp Dates 2022

Announcing Downwind Camp Dates 2022

We are so pleased with how our December Downwind camp went in the Winter of 2021 that we have decided to launch the dates for Downwind Camps in 2022. We are going to be running seven different options for Downwind Camps this year (dates below). 

One of our enthusiastic paddlers from the December Downwind Camp says it best; 

"I attended the kayak downwind camp...this was my first downwind paddle and it was fantastic! Davey is an excellent instructor and great captain on a tandem surfski. I caught the open-ocean paddle bug, and will be booking our next trip to HI after checking the Epic Kayaks camp schedule!"

Hawaii is notorious for epic downwind conditions and we want to share the ocean fun with you. Davey Brand, who has headed up Epic Kayaks Australia for the last 3 years, and now owns Epic Kayaks Hawaii will be running these camps. His years of ocean experience through professional surfing and paddling as well as his local knowledge of Hawaii makes him the perfect person to lead them. 

The camps will take place on the South Shore of Oahu in Hawaii and will offer you the opportunity to paddle as much as your heart desires while still allowing you to explore all the that island has to offer. 

The camp is two sessions a day. The morning session will focus on technique and ocean skills for downwind paddling as well as wave riding. The afternoon session will be a guided downwind. 

The options are to come for a minimum of four days, with a maximum of ten days and anything in between. We do recommend taking one rest day in the middle of your camp to give your body a break from all the paddling. The cost for a half day is $200 per person per day, and a full day is $250 per person per day. You may select to do some half days and some full days. The downwind camp includes coaching, the use of a surf ski and the necessary safety equipment. It also includes transport from the finish line to the start. 

The camp does not include accomodation or flights. 


  • April 10th-20th 2022

  • May 8th-18th 2022

  • June 3rd-13th 2022

  • July 20th-30th 2022

  • August 8th-18th 2022

  • September 1st-10th 2022

  • September 23rd - October 3rd 2022

We have limited spots available on each camp because we want to make sure that each person who joins us gets a personal experience. If you'd like to join us and other paddling enthusiasts from around the world email us on or call +1 (808) 469 2182.